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Issue Filter panels are read-only fields that display a defined scope of related issues. They are used to create customized issue panels that visualize the connections between issues in your system.

To configure Lookup Panels go to the app administration and choose “Issue Filter”. Now you can the following configuration menu, which gives you an overview of all existing Issue Filter panels:

Issue Filter configuration

Click on the action button to configure your Issue Filter panel:

Now you have the following configuration options:

Data Logic

The panel scope configuration is used to specify which range of issues should be displayed in a panel. You can find information about the current scope options below:

Subtasks of current issue

This particular panel can only be displayed in Task’s issue view. Its purpose is to exclusively showcase Sub-tasks related to the current issue. Additionally, it is feasible to limit the displayed issues list using a JQL query.

Parent issue

Similar to the ‘Subtasks of current issues’ this particular panel is only be displayed in Sub-task’s issue view. Its purpose is to exclusively showcase the Task that parents the current issue.

Issues linked to Issues From JQL

Find more information about this panel scope here: Issue Filter Panel: Issue linked to current issues


To base your scope on JQL, please provide JQL. Additionally, you can adjust the Maximum Result, to enhance performance or/and usability.

Stories of Current Epic

To base your scope on the stories of the current epic, please choose this option. To only show a subset of your results, provide a JQL to filter your results.

Issue View

You have several options to configure the display style of your panels.

Panel: The position where your lookup panel should appear.

Display Style: table, list, table + pop-up, label + pop-up

Search Bar: Provides a search above your panel. Available options are JQL search or text search.

Display Fields: Fields that should be displayed in your panel.

titleSupported fields

The following field types are supported in the "Fields to show" section:

  • Text Field

  • Multi Checkboxes

  • Select List

  • User Picker

  • Radio Buttons

  • Date Picker

  • STAGIL Assets Traffic Light

  • STAGIL Assets Lookup

  • STAGIL Assets Work Time

  • STAGIL Assets User Time Account

  • Float Number

  • Date Time picker

  • Multi-Select List

  • Labels

System fields:

  • Summary

  • Status

  • Assignee

  • Reporter

  • Creator

  • Versions

  • Description

  • Labels

  • Issue Type

  • Priority

  • Time Tracking

  • Remaining

  • Logged

  • Due Date

  • Resolution Date

  • Created

  • Updated

  • Linked Issues

Fields on Navigator: Fields that should be displayed in the issue navigator.

Fields to sum up: In table style, you can choose a custom number field in Fields to sum up. This field will sum up all related issues in the relation custom field.

Show Issue Progress Bar: The progress bar visualises the progress of issues displayed in the issue panel. See more: Progress Bar