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You can decide, if you want to limit edit-permission in Confluence based on This feature allows limiting edit permissions of a Confluence page. You can implement it via a multi-user picker field in a synced Jira . Lets say you create issue. E.g. a multi-user picker field named "page editors" and you put this field in one of your projects, where STAGIL Workflows and Field for Confluence is enabled. With this field you can manage edit-permissions of connected Confluence pages with is created named Page Editors. Add this field to a Confluence page following these steps. Now you can control edit permissions according to the following logic:  

  • if "page editorsPage Editors" - field is empty → connected page is editable 

  • if "page editorsPage Editors" - field is not empty and contains a current user → connected page is editable editable by the mentioned user

  • if "page editorsPage Editors" - field is not empty and does not contain a current user → connected page is not editable 

To select a customfield custom field for restriction, please make sure that multi-user picker field exists and is placed in on the correct screens. Then select the field in the Configuration section of the app: 


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