2020-11-16 5.0.37 - New Features & Improvements

released Release Date: Nov 16, 2020

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New Features

  1. Open search graph in separate window (and not in pop-up).

  2. Extend and shrink the current depth level of issue graphs with a plus/minus button.

  3. Close graphs with a new added closing button in the upper right corner.

  4. Get notified in case that the directional graph includes a circle to avoid redundant links.


  1. Display resolved issues with a strikethrough in relation and lookup tables.

  2. JQL search for project graph now only displays issues of the current project by default.

  3. Hide three dots menu for project and search graph.

  4. The sidebar is always shown.

  5. The focus kept on the last selected issue upon clicking on the white space.

  6. Fixed problem with issue picker.

  7. Fixed defect where changes in the issue progress bar were not saved.

  8. Fixed overlapping of issues in the search graphs.


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