2021-01-27 5.0.42 - New Features & Improvements

released Release Date: Jan 27, 2021

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New Features

  • Support JQL placeholder for multi user picker and request participant (relation and lookup fields).

  • Hide link icon for relations fields in the issue view if linking is forbidden by workflow properties.

  • Configure issue graphs defaults per project/project category.

  • Use a checkbox to restrict JQL results to current project in lookup field configuration.

  • Selected assets in relation fields will be added to the user specific "recently visited list".

  • Search Graph: Show message on graph with link to issues without links.

  • Moved display configuration of graphs from top right to top left menu.


  • Order linked assets by time spent/estimate/remaining estimate in lookup and relation custom fields with table display style.

  • Added description to searching user field in relation and lookup custom fields configurations.

  • Fixed bug with using link direction names in advanced JQL function issue in relation("","","").

  • Improved loading for direction graphs containing +500 issues.

  • Synchronize display of search bar in assets using dynamic display style.

  • Fixed broken UI for empty results in JQL search bar for relation custom fields.

  • Fixed default value for relation custom fields when there are more then 1 projects in context.

  • Fixed problem with prefilled basic search.


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