2021-03-03 5.0.44 - New Features & Improvements

Released Release Date: Mar 3, 2021

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New Features

  • The ‘link’ button is hidden in issue view screen if the relation field is using dynamics.

  • Detect hidden issues in relation graphs via tooltip.

  • Select font size for bulk QR code print.


  • Added pagination for asset picker dialog.

  • Added “Keep Links until it is actively removed" for dynamics.

  • Update- and cancel-buttons for quick filters.

  • Relation search with multiple link direction names with level 2 , level 3, level 4.

  • Fixed problem in issue graph where extending / shrinking levels has hidden all issues.

  • Fixed problem with selecting all link types in project elements issue panel graph configuration.

  • Fixed problem with displaying links in issue relation graph.

  • Fixed bug with searching issues for lookup field with scope "issue linked to current issue", multiple relation directions and levels.

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