2021-09-14 5.0.56 - New Features & Improvements

released Release Date: Sep 14, 2021

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New Features

  • Delete Jira links and asset relations directly from issue graphs.

  • The issue in relation() JQL function now supports parameter “all” to search through the entire link network. This may impact your search performance!

  • Added scope options “Issues without links” and “Issues outside search” to search graph.

  • Option to hide the right graph sidebar.

  • The display style “list” can be configured as expanded or shrunk by default.

  • System field "Sprint" can now be displayed in asset issue panels for all display styles.


  • Validate if project and type defined in "Add new" are inside the selectable issue scope.

  • Added option to edit graph views directly from inside the graph.

  • Fixed problem where version 5.0.55 was blocking shortcut “e”.


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