CRM Use Case

Using STAGIL Assets - Advanced Links to manage your contacts is - besides CMDB - an other very common and relevant use case. The idea is to convert all contacts and organizations into Jira issues and connect them to each other. Every entity type is represented by an issue type.

Check also our ready to go 1-Click Setup for a CRM use case .

Example Issue Types for a CMDB Use Case

In this use case the number of different issue types needed is quite low. In most cases it is enough to create the following issue types:

  • Organization

  • Contact

Example Relations for a CMDB Use Case

Of course the required link types/relations depend on the CIs you need to manage in your system. The following list should give you an idea about the possibilities you have:

  • Organization - Contact: connects the organization with belonging contact persons.

  • Contact - Organization: this will give you the opposite direction.

  • Organization - Deal: connects organization with belonging service deals or other contracts that exist with the specific organization.

Example Screen 1: Contact Issue Type

This is an example of a contact issue type. The highlighted section shows the belonging organization, which is from type “organization” and linked via Contact - Organization link type. The pop-up shown in the screen is fully configurable.

Example Screen 2: Organization Issue Type

In this screenshot you can see the belonging organization which was linked in the contact issue above. As we used bidirectional links (Organization - Contact & Contact - Organization) the organization shows all belonging contacts in an issue table (which is also fully configurable).