Draft issues

From version 1.0.61 our macro offers a powerful new feature that allows users to create and manage drafts of issues with the macro. With this functionality, users can easily craft, modify, and revise drafts before converting them into complete issues. This simplifies collaboration and enhances organizational efficiency by streamlining idea management.

This feature is available only for the ‘Jira manual selection’ scope.

See the list of fields supported for editing in draft issues here: https://stagil.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SJIC/pages/520093749

Create draft issues

  1. Click on the click on the ‘Create new issue’ option to open an issue ‘Create’ screen.

  1. In the ‘Create screen’ mark the ‘Save as draft’ checkbox.

The ‘Create’ issue screen opened from the STAGIL macro

Edit / Delete draft issues

Draft issues can be edited via an ‘Edit’ issue screen. Users can open the ‘Edit’ issue screen via the ‘Actions’ menu at the right end of the row.

To delete the draft issue select ‘Remove issue’ in the ‘Actions’ menu.

Create an issue from the draft

To turn a draft into an actual Jira issue, select the ‘Create in Jira’ option from the ‘Actions’ menu.

Once the issue is created, a flag banner will confirm the successful creation.

Users can also create issues from drafts in bulk. This option is available in the ‘Edit macro’ dialogue.

Hover over the scope label to reveal an icon for the actions menu. Select ‘Publish n issue drafts’ - this option becomes available once there is more than one draft issue within the same scope.


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