Issue Navigation

Issue Navigation settings allow customizing of the panels display in the issue view and configure options for the “More” button appearance of the panels.

How to create a configuration?

To create an Issue Navigation configuration:

  1. Go to Manage App in your Jira instance.

  2. Find STAGIL Navigation and select the Issue Navigation option.

  3. Select Add configuration.

  4. Select at least one value (for project category, project or issue type) to set a configuration context.

  5. Save.

If two configurations have overlapping contexts, the senior configuration will be the one listed first on the configuration page. You can easily change the seniority of configurations by dragging and dropping them in the desired order.

Jira Issue “More” Button

The “More” button has 13 default system actions. You can complement its functionality by adding a customised selection of your own. Every newly added option will appear right under the Jira system ones. They can further be arranged with a drag & drop action.

Panel configuration

Panels tab restrictions allow configuring an issue view screen with certain panels opened, closed or hidden for selected user groups. Using multi-select choose the panels for display layout. Select one or few user groups. Please note that panel configurations are applied only for the users within the defined user groups.





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