STAGIL Reports for Jira

Welcome and thank you for your interest in STAGIL Reports for Jira.


Jira offers features for calculating progress or custom reports for Project Management and Business Teams. STAGIL Reports for Jira uses custom fields incl. scripts and JQL-based filtering and uses Jira dashboards to visualize.

Features incl.:

  • Epic Progress Measure (SAFe® metric)
  • Two-dimensional filter gadget
  • Line chart gadget
  • Traffic lights gadget
  • JQL-based (stacked) bar gadget
  • JQL-based counter gadget
  • JQL-based speed-o-meter gadget
  • JQL-based KPI gadget (incl. "parentEpic" and sub-tasks)
  • Historic data for line and bar gadgets
  • Scheduler for bulk calculation
  • ...and more!


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