Integration with Timesheets by Tempo

In order to connect SUTAJC and Tempo, we require the ability to receive data directly from Tempo.

This involves generating an API token with the necessary permissions to read all the worklogs. You have the option of using your admin user account or a designated technical user account.

Configuration in Timesheets by Tempo

Granting permissions in Tempo

For more details refer to the Tempo documentation

  1. Go to the Tempo Settings as an admin user account.

  2. Open the Permission Roles page in the Data Access section to establish global permissions.

  3. Click the button in the top right-hand corner to add an additional Permission Role.

  4. Ensure that the View Worklogs option is checked and leave the Role Access on Full.

  5. Add the user you wish to use for the integration. The final outcome should resemble the following image:

Timesheets by Tempo - Settings - Permission Roles

Generating API token

To generate the API token and access the API Integration page in the same section, log in with the same user account. Click on the ‘New Token’ button located at the top right to open the dialogue.

Give the token a name, e.g."STAGIL User and Time Accounts," and set the expiration time to 5000 days to minimize manual effort.

To obtain the worklogs exclusively, select "Custom Access" and then "View worklogs" at the bottom. Once you've confirmed your input, you'll receive the API token.

Configuration in STAGIL User Time Accounts

Go to Jira’s settings → Apps → STAGIL Time Accounts and Tempo Fields to reach the configuration page.

Now all you need to do is toggle the switch, add the token and save. Done

If the connection does not work, the app will use the default Jira worklogs as a fallback. Unfortunately, any logs saved via Tempo will not be associated with the correct user and the data will be inconsistent.

At the moment we have no alert or warning mechanism for errors. However, we are working on improving the user experience with future updates.

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