Display and Change Workflow Status

STAGIL Workflows and Fields brings the power of Jira Workflows into Confluence. After installing and configuring the app, you can:

Perform Workflow-Transitions in Confluence: 

Our app connects a Jira project with a Confluence space and applies the current workflow on created Confluence pages. That means, that creating a Confluence page will automatically create a related Jira issue with summary = page title. The page will also get new elements: With the  Workflow Button you can perform workflow transitions by choosing a status. With the Field Button you can directly navigate to the related Jira issue. All configured validators, conditions etc. will be applied on the Confluence page, so that only allowed transitions are possible. Also all postfunctions will be checked.

Please note that the Field Button feature will be extended soon, so that Jira fields can be edited in Confluence.


Workflow Button: 

Field Button:

Full view of Confluence page with both buttons:


Linked Jira issue with summary = page title, identical status and linked Confluence page: 

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