Connect a Jira Project with a Confluence Space

STAGIL Workflows and Fields for Confluence brings the power of Jira workflows into Confluence, without the need of rebuilding already existing Jira workflows with all its validators, conditions and transitions! With our app, you can connect Jira projects with Confluence spaces so that Jira issues share their workflows with Confluence pages.

The first step is to connect a Jira project with a Confluence space. You can find the Workflows and Fields configuration menu on the Confluence Administration page. Click on Create Configuration for the dialogue to appear.


Define the sync scope by selecting a relevant Project and Space. Then you will have to select one of the following three options in the Sync Mode field:

  1. Sync all pages: automatically creates a Jira issue for old and new pages.

  2. Sync selected pages: requires manual synchronization.

  3. Label based synchronisation: only pages with defined labels will be synced.

Finish the configuration with the Issue Type fields which defines the type of newly created Jira issues.

After that, click create. Connected projects/spaces will appear in the list below the configuration tab.


After you have mapped your projects with spaces you have enabled the main features of STAGIL Workflows and Fields for Confluence. That means: 

→ Creating a Confluence page will automatically create a Jira issue with page title = summary

→ The issue type of automatically created issue will equal the one you selected in the configuration.

→ Issues and pages will share the same workflow and will have the same status.

→ Updating the status of the Confluence page will update the status of the connected Jira issue and vice versa.

→ Transitions in Confluence space will follow the logic defined in connected Jira project, which means that all validators and conditions in Jira affect the possible transitions of a Confluence page.