Product Management Use Case

Using STAGIL Assets - Advanced Links to manage your products is maybe not the first use case which comes into your mind, but you will see that a lot of value lies in this way of using our app. The idea is to convert your products and versions into Jira issue types. Every entity type is represented by an issue type.

Example Issue Types for a Product Management Use Case

  • Product

  • Version

Example Relations for a CMDB Use Case

Of course the required link types/relations depend on the CIs you need to manage in your system. The following list should give you an idea about the possibilities you have:

  • Product - Version: to connect your products with its different versions

  • Version Product: this will give you the opposite direction

  • Product - Feature Request: link all Service Desk feature request to the product they belong. As STAGIL Assets Relation Fields are supported in Jira Service Desk as well, the connection can be made by the customer who creates the request.

Show All Versions of Your Product in Relation Table

This screen shows you an example configuration of the link type “Product - Version”. When you open your product issue, it will list all related versions:


Usage of Traffic Light Custom Fields

Using STAGIL Traffic Light custom fields is a way to track the health of your product. One option is to define a number of open bugs or feature request which will trigger the traffic light to turn into red or yellow .

Here you can see all related service request, which has been raised by customers for a specific product. The list is automatically up to date, because customers have to choose a product, when they raise a request in the customer portal. New created request will automatically appear in this list.