Issue Templates

STAGIL Jira Project Creator allows to create issue templates and to define templates based on JQL. This means, that you can define a scope of issues by using a JQL query and use the resulting issues as a template. This template will clone all issues selected and create them in a defined target project.

To create issue templates please navigate to the Jira administration and then click on “Manage apps”. Now choose “Issue Templates”:

Here you can find the list of all existing issue templates. Click on Add Template to create a new template.

Edit an Issue Template

You will see the following screen when adding a new template or editing an existing one by clicking on the pencil icon on the right side of the issue templates list:

First, enter a Template Name.  Please consider that this is the name displayed when users choose a template. For this reason you should choose a meaningful name.

Below the name input field you can see a JQL input box. You can use queries to define templates.

The tool offers two further features:

  • Firstly, you can link new issues to the template issues by using the “clones” link type.

  • Secondly, you can schedule issues based on project start dates.

To create issues with a certain template please click on the menu item "Projects" and then on "Issue Creator". In the last step select the created template and the target project where you want to create the issues.

Click finally on the create button.


There are many use cases for this feature. In this example we want to create for demo purposes the issue with the summary "App doesn't work" and its field content in another project.

First, we filter out the issue in the jql input box of the issue template and save it.

Then we click on "Projects" and "Issue Creator". After this step we choose the created template and the target project where we want to clone the issue.

Then we click on "Create". As you can see in the picture, we could clone the issue and its field values to another project.

This example was just shown for demo purposes. You could of course also create several issues at the same time with an appropriate filter.


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