Project Templates



With the STAGIL Project Creator you can define existing Jira projects as templates. So before you use our App, you need to create a Jira project which you would like to use as your template. Projects, which will be created from this templates, will share all configurations with the template project. In the following we'll show you, how to define existing Jira projects as project templates.

Add new project template

To add a new project template go to Jira Administration → Add-ons → STAGIL Projects for Jira –> Project Templates. Here you can find the list of all existing project templates and you can click Add to create some new template. 

Edit a project template

The following screen appears when you want to add a new or edit an existing template by clicking on the pencil icon on the right side of the project template list.

Template Name

First, enter a Template Name. Please consider that this is the name displayed when users choose a template for a project - choose a meaningful name.


Project - here you can select one existing Jira project. This project will be the template for creating the new Jira project. The configuration of the new project will be equal (shared) to the choosen template.

Shared elements are:

  • Issue Type Scheme

  • Workflow Scheme

  • Screen Scheme

  • Permission Scheme

  • Security Scheme

  • Notification Scheme

  • Priority Scheme

Create Confluence Space

Here you can automatically create a Confluence space for your project. The space name will be the Jira project name and for the space key the Jira project key will be used. The space admin is the Jira project lead.

Please ensure that

  • The application link is correctly connected

  • The Confluence system is selected in the main configuration

  • The admin user in the main configuration has create space permission and administrator permission in the template space.

Copy roles

All users who are assigned to a role in the template project will have the same role in the new project.

Tick this checkbox, if you want to link the template issues and the issues in the newly created project with the link type "clones".

Schedule issues based on project start date

Check this box, if you have start and end dates in your template's issues and you would like to reschedule them during the creation of the new issues.

Select the new Start Date. The issue with the earliest start date of all template issues is set to this date and all other new issues depending on this earliest issue are calculated based on that first start date.

Select the fields in which your dates are stored.

Delete a project template

Go to the list of project templates and click the cross-icon on the right side. Template will be deleted.

Deleting a template does not have any effect on the project created by these template.