Connect a Jira Project with a Confluence Space

STAGIL Workflows and Fields for Confluence brings the power of Jira workflows into Confluence, without the need to rebuild already existing Jira workflows with all its validators, conditions and transitions! With our app, you can connect Jira projects with Confluence spaces so that Jira issues share their workflows with Confluence pages.

To begin, linking a Jira project to a Confluence space is necessary. You can access the Workflows and Fields configuration menu via the Confluence AdministrationManage apps page. Once there, select find a STAGIL Workflows & Fields and click on the Jira Synchronizers tab.

To link a space to a project click on the ‘Create synchronizer’ button to bring up the configuration dialogue box:

Synchronizer configuration dialogue
  1. To set the synchronization scope, select an appropriate Project and Space.
    It's important to note that a Space can only be utilised in a syncroniser just once. However, a Project can be used in multiple configurations.

  2. Next, select one of the three options in the Pages field:

    • All: This option automatically creates a Jira issue and pairs it with all pages within space, both old and new.

    • Selected manually: Users will need to manually trigger the page sync with a new Jira issue.

    • Label-based: Only pages with specifically defined labels will be synced.

  3. An Additional CQL field offers an option to narrow down the scope of the synced pages based on a CQL query.
    For example, in the screenshot above the field has a CQL query ‘type = blogpost’. That means that every page in ITKB space that is a blogpost will be synced with a Jira issue. Pages that do not match the CQL query condition will not be synced.

  4. When selecting an option in the Issue Type field, you are specifying the type of Jira issue that will be generated following the synchronization with your Confluence page.

    • When using the ‘Selected pages’ sync mode, users can opt for the 'Define per page' option, which allows them to choose the issue type while manually syncing the page with Jira.

  5. The Jira User field provides a selection of Jira users who can act as technical users for specific actions when chosen. A user with technical permissions can perform various tasks such as:

    • creating issues

    • editing issues

    • transitioning workflows

Any changes made by a technical user will be recorded in the issue activity tab. Additionally, anonymous users are able to view content based on the permissions of the technical user.

  1. To proceed, click Create.


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