Issue Fields

Synchronization with Jira happens not only on the workflow level when using Workflows & Fields. It is also possible to display Jira issue fields on the Confluence page. The Issue Fields tab contains metadata of the particular Jira issue synchronized with a page. Displayed fields are also editable directly from the page.

Display styles

Issue Fields: displayed as a button pop-up (Page actions)

Issue Fields: displayed as a button pop-up (Page title)

Issue Fields: displayed as a list


Issue Fields configuration window

To choose the necessary fields to display go to Manage apps → STAGIL Workflow and Fields → Configuration. Pick a configuration and select Issue Fields in the configuration’s Actions.

Issue Fields configuration page allows to:

  • add new fields

  • remove fields

  • order fields (manual drag & drop)

  • choose the display style: list or a button pop-up

To add fields go to the ‘Fields’ tab and select the required Jira field in the ‘Select issue field’ drop-down.

To remove the field, click on the icon.

To set the order in which fields are to be displayed in page view, drag & drop fields by clicking on the icon on the left to the fields name.

To choose a display style for the selected fields, go to the ‘Display’ tab. Select ‘List’, ‘Button pop-up (Page actions)' or ‘Button pop-up (Page title)'. See examples of displays in page view here.

Supported default fields

  • Summary

  • Status

  • Key

  • Description

  • Assignee

  • Reporter

  • Issue type

  • Priority (displayed as icon in the left bottom corner)

  • Components

  • Creator (view only)

  • Created (view only)

  • Updated (view only)

Supported custom fields

  • Single line text

  • Multi-line text

  • Multi-user picker

  • Single user picker

  • Multi-select

  • Single select

  • Date picker

  • Date Time picker (view only)

  • Number

To have fields displayed correctly they must be configured on both view and edit screens of the issue in Jira.

Editing Jira fields from the Confluence page

Users can edit Jira issues through our Issue Fields tabs. Tabs support inline editing or editing in a separate dialogue.

Please note, that several custom fields are supported in Issue Fields only as view only. Refer to the list of supported fields for more details.

Issue Fields edit options in page view

Issue Fields Permissions

  1. If a user has no browser permissions in Jira, i.g. to view an issue synced with a page, no Issue Fields button/list (and, by extension, fields) will be displayed for them.

  2. To allow anonymous users to see the Issue Fields tab’s content, the app uses browsing permissions from a user, specified on configuration page (User on transition for page edit field)

Including Issue Fields into page PDF export file

Default page PDF export does not include the issue fields in the retrieved file.

But it is possible to include Issue Fields data in PDFs by adding our custom macro to the page. The macro will render metadata from the Issue Fields tab upon export. The macro is ‘invisible’ in page view and is only displayed in page edit mode.

The macro 'Export page field' can be found in the macro list.

Macro in page edit mode
An example of exported PDF


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