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Top Navigation Menu Configuration

STAGIL Navigation for Jira allows users to customise the top navigation structure and layout across the instance. Configuration allows for the following to be achieved:

  • add icons to panel entries

  • rename system entries (default Jira panel entries)

  • create a range of custom entries and sub-navigation panels

  • embed web links as entries

  • configure visibility for users via allow / block list

  • rearrange entries

  • translate entries

To start configuration go to Manage apps → STAGIL Navigation → Top Navigation. Here you can add, edit, delete, manage, translate or move new entries to another place.

How to create a new entry

To create a new top navigation entry, see the last row under the list of all of the system entries. Fill out the row with the following values:

  1. Name. Create a name for a new entry.*

  2. Show icon only. Check out the box to display the entry only as an icon:

    Entries are displayed as an icon only
  3. Choose an entry type: Web Link, Sub Navigation, JQL, Projects, Dashboads or Agile Boards (see more details about each entry type in the next chapter).

  4. Select an icon to be displayed next to the entry name.

  5. Set permissions to see the item for certain user groups with Allow list or Block list.

    1. Allow List (required): only user groups selected here have permission to see the item.

    2. Block List: only user groups selected here will not have permission to see the item.

  6. The Link tab behaviour field allows choosing whether users want to open the selected item in a new tab or in the same tab of their browser.

* It is possible to skip the name of the new item. In this case, the entry will be displayed as an icon:

How to rename a system entry

STAGIL Navigation gives you the ability to simply rename existing top navigation menus. You can do this by clicking on the display name of the menu item that you want to change, enter a new name and click on "Update".

To change the menu back to the default name, just remove the display name and hit "Update".

For example, in the screenshot below we can see an expanded default Jira navigation entry ‘Issues’:

Using the STAGIL Top Navigation feature ‘Issues’ have been renamed to ‘Search’ and highlighted with an icon.


New navigation menu types

When creating a completely new menu for your top navigation bar, you can choose between several different options that are described below.

In order to edit a menu, click on manage on the right.

A sub navigation entry is either the start point of a new menu or simply gives you one more level down in the navigation menu and helps you to bring some structure into it as you can see on the following picture:

JQL Entries

Menus of the category JQL show you a list of issues and let you define which JQL you want to use. Simply enter the JQL and the amount of issues you want to see:

The web link entries give you the ability to add a link to any website, whether it is a link to a Jira issue, a Confluence page or any other internal or external website.

Like for all menu types you can also choose if this link should be opened in the same browser tab or in a new tab.

Project Entries

A Project entry lets you create a list of all projects of a certain category. In the following screenshot, you can see the customization menu of a Project entry. This gives you a list of all projects that are labelled with the category "Team". In the screenshot below you can also see that you have some more options to adjust the displayed project list. You can use regular expressions to filter the list by project key or project name and have them shown only to the selected project roles within these projects. It is possible to sort the sub-projects alphabetically as well as boards.

Please be aware that both filters will be applied at the same time when you fill in regular expressions for the project key AND project name.

Agile Boards Entries

With the Agile Boards entry, you can access your Kanban and Scrum Boards by using the top navigation. By enabling "Show recent boards" each user can only see boards that he has recently visited.


In a sub-navigation menu you can also choose a separator as a navigation entry which gives you more optical structure for your menu:

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