Footer Navigation

The footer navigation feature lets you remove the standard Jira footer that includes the version information and the Atlassian logo at the bottom of the websites. Instead, you can replace it with your own logo and menu.

To do so, navigate to the app section in the global administration and click on the "Footer Navigation" entry of the STAGIL Navigation app and see how easily you can change the appearance of your Jira system!

From version 2.0.2 on you will be able to select your preferred alignment:

To insert your logo at the bottom of the page, just upload an image and choose a background color. That's it! The image gets placed in the center of the Jira footer.

When you want to add an additional custom menu in this sections, you can simply start with adding the headers of the menu. Then click on "Manage" for each header and add the links that you want to offer your Jira users:


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