Project Navigation


With STAGIL Project Navigation for JIRA you can hide the common project elements in the project navigation side bar and even add additional elements to provide more information in your JIRA project.

Maybe you need a JIRA Software project to use agile boards, but you don't want to plan with releases? Simply hide the navigation element 'releases' with STAGIL Project Navigation. You want to see the related Dashbaords? Simply add the navigation element to the project side bar.

Configure project elements

To configure the project elements, go to the app section in the global administration and click on the "Project Navigation" entry of the STAGIL Navigation app.

Hide Project Navigation Elements

To hide elements from project navigation please choose the Jira Project from select list. Choose the Menu Type you want to hide. At first you can choose between ReleasesIssuesComponents and Reports. If you have customized project navigation entry added, then they will also appear here.

In the field Hidden select all user groups that should not see that entry in the project navigation. All fields are multiselect fields. Then press Add. You can also Edit or Delete your hidden entries.

Add Project Navigation Elements

To add new entries, choose the affected Jira Projects, choose an Icon and a Name for the entry. Then select, if you need to provide some Web Link or if you want to embed an i-Frame. Fill out Url and press Add. You can also Edit or Delete your added entries.


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