Create BigPicture Programs


Please note that the following features requires an active installation of BigPicture.

Since version 1.2.2 our app supports the creation of BigPicture Programs as part of the project creation. To include the creation of BigPicture Programs in your templates, please navigate to the general app administration and choose "Project Templates":

Choose a Template-Program

Now choose an existing template or create a new one. If BigPicture is installed and active you will see two new elements in your configuration screen. In the "Program" field you choose an existing BigPicture Programm, which will be used as a template program

Create a Token

This step is necessary to allow the app to write and get data from and into BigPicture. The used authentication method is basic access authenticationTo generate a token you will need a Base 64 decoder, such as

  1. Generate a string, consisting of your Jira-username and password using the following format: user:password

  2. Paste this string into a Base64 encoder.

  3. Combine the result with the word "Basic", so that you get a string like that: 

1 Basic SmlyYXJ1bGVzOkppcmFydWxlcwoK

Copied Configuration:

Most configuration from your template program will be copied. This includes:

Column views in gantt

Column Views in Scope



Security (Permissions)


Configuration of enabled modules


Configuration, which is not copied yet:

Tasks tab → Scheduling configuration will not be copied.

Resources tab → Story Points configuration will not be copied.

In programs with disabled team module the module will be enabled in copied program. This has to be adjusted manually.